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NHS England’s’ relationship with GP practices is a contractual one whereby it monitors those services that GPs are contractually obliged to carry out if they hold a GMS, PMS or APMS contract.

GPs deliver health care to patients via three different types of contracts:

General Medical Services (GMS) contracts

GMS contracts deliver core medical services and are agreed nationally. The funding for these types of contract is calculated based on the practice’s registered list size with a fixed, nationally agreed, price per patient, and the actual amount paid is calculated practice by practice.

Personal Medical Services (PMS) contracts

PMS contracts provide similar core medical services to GMS contracts and can also include extra health services that are considered to be ‘over and above’ the usual core services (for example, special clinics for homeless people in areas of high need, etc). PMS contracts make it possible to address specific local health needs. The funding for PMS contracts is worked out locally.

Alternative Medical Services (APMS) contracts

APMS contracts are contracts which can cover the provision of general medical services, as well as other locally developed services for a specific patient group.

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NHS Standard Hospital Contract

NHS Standard Contract 2017/18 and 2018/19 – General Conditions

NHS Standard Contract 2017/19 and 2018/19 – Service Conditions


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