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Should you need any assistance in dealing with a complaint, please do not hesitate to contact the LMC office.  We can guide you through the process of handling a complaint, answer any queries you may have and help you to draft a response if this is what you need. If the complaint is of a serious nature, for example alleging medical negligence, you should contact your medical defence body.

Getting a complaint can be as traumatic for a GP as it was for a patient who had cause to complain following a negative experience. Undoubtedly some complaints are vexatious but there are always things to learn and reflect on from patient feedback.  If you need some support from a GP colleague – be it just a quick question or someone to talk to who knows how you are feeling – the LMC GP Support Scheme is here to help.

There are Regulations around the handling of complaints so it is important to follow the correct procedure.

Be clear on what your obligations are:

Comments on NHS Choices and other similar websites can sometimes be inaccurate, unfair or inappropriate, which can potentially damage an organisation or staff member’s reputation.

Keep in mind some golden rules of complaint handling:

  • Take on board what the patient is saying there is usually something to learn/reflect on/change
  • Apologise where appropriate.
  • Respond to the complaint in such a way as to avoid it being escalated to the next level – make sure you clearly address the points being raised in a patient’s complaint letter
  • Don’t remove patients from the list because they complain
  • Discuss the complaints in your Appraisal
  • Remember you are not alone- you are not the only GP to receive a complaint – speak with a trusted colleague/partner/LMC.
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10210NHS Complaints - BMA Guidance 2015
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10209NHS Complaints Procedure – BMA FAQs 2015
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