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There may come a time at some stage in a doctor’s career where concerns are raised about their performance, either by the general public, patients or colleagues. Any GP who finds themselves the subject of a performance issue should contact the LMC office at the first instance for a confidential discussion. The LMC will support doctors through such processes and are likely to be involved with the individual doctor, give support and advice and representation with the GP during the performance review process.

We have a significant amount of experience dealing with such issues and can ensure that a doctor receives a fair hearing, that all the facts are considered and that any response is proportionate and commensurate with the issue identified.

Occasionally concerns raised may be more serious and the Area Teams may have to take action. This process is not voluntary and can have serious consequences. GPs facing these procedures should seek further advice and support from the LMC at the earliest opportunity 01772 863806

If you are experiencing personal stress, find information on the GP Support Scheme where we offer a confidential and independent counselling and mentor scheme for all GPs working in the area across the 5 LMCs.


NHS England has established performers lists decision panels (PLDPs) and performance advisory groups (PAGs) within area teams to support its responsibility in managing performance of primary care performers. The PAG’s role is investigative and advisory; the role of the PLDP is to make decisions under the performers lists regulations.

The PAG considers all complaints or concerns that are reported about a named clinician and can determine that an initial investigation is to be carried out. If action is considered to be necessary under the performers lists regulations, the case is referred to a PLDP. In cases where there is a conflict of interest or a perception of bias, an alternative PLDP shall be convened to consider the case.

For more information please see the following document: framework for managing performer concerns

Suspended GPs

Please refer to the following GPC guidance on suspension:  The Suspended GP Performer – Guidance for GPs


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