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Support for Sessional’s

Being a locum can lead to feelings of isolation so it is important that you remain connected in with others to maintain professionalism and for general wellbeing. The LMC offers confidential and independent counselling and mentor scheme for all GPs working in the area across the 5 LMCs. Alongside isolation you may struggle with work-related or personal stress which can lead to GPs experiencing problems such as burn-out or general unhappiness. The GP support scheme we offer is also linked in with NHS GP Health Service. For more information visit our GP Support scheme page or contact Abigail Askew at the office 01772 863806.

Appraisal and Revalidation

Appraisal and revalidation requirements can be more difficult for sessional GP’s and changes have now been made to help others address this. Make sure you, and your appraiser, are clear on what is needed.

BMA Appraisal Tips for Sessional GPs


Revalidation for Locums

 This document contains a range of practical suggestions that GP locums can use to add to their existing evidence for appraisal. It has been written by GP locums for GP locums.

The key message is that revalidation does not have to be difficult. However if in doubt ask your Appraiser and your LMC will be happy to help.

Revalidation for GP Locums – A Practical Guide
pecial thanks to Wessex Local Medical Committee for producing the document.

For more information visit our appraisal and revalidation page


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