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New Models of Care

The Five Year Forward View

This is a catch all title and relates to the reconfiguration of the landscape of health and social care that has been taking place since the publication of the Five Year Forward View in October 2014. This document covers many areas but the key relevance here is the pledge that the NHS would take decisive steps to break down the barriers in how care is provided between family doctors and hospitals with far more care delivered locally.

It re-emphasised the foundation of NHS care remaining list-based primary care and promised a new deal for GPs with more investment in primary care. (The GP Forward View, published in April 2016, gave details of how this was to be achieved.)

The key aim of the Five Year Forward View around New Models of Care is encapsulated in the following extract.

The Five Year Forward View did not impose a rigid model to achieve this integration but suggested two key frameworks: –

  • The Multi Speciality Community Provider (MCP) – a horizontal integration of community and primary care providers with GPs taking lead roles
  • The PACS – a vertical integration between primary and acute services with one organisation being responsible for the total provision

The belief was that these new models of care would improve the quality and continuity of care and, at the same time, lead to greater efficiencies which would allow services to be funded to meet the increasing demands and complexities of an aging population.

Since the 5 Year Forward View

Since this visionary document was produced 4 years ago there have been a plethora of initiatives, planning guidelines and TLAs (three letter acronyms) that have left everyone confused. These can be found to the left-hand side of the page.



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