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System Governance

As this note is being written the Integrated Care System (Lancs & South Cumbria) and each Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) is developing its governance arrangements with key stakeholders. These arrangements vary from ICP to ICP but typically have an overseeing “Partnership Group” at which the most senior person from each organisation will sit (including elected members where appropriate and possibly non executive members) This group will hold to account a group of senior executives charged with delivering the integration agenda.

The role of primary care as a provider as distinct from CCG’s commissioning role has now been well established in the ICS and all ICPs. The GP provider voice is being articulated through membership of the Partnership Group and Senior Executive Group together with membership of a variety of sub groups.

GP bodies are working together locally (The LMC, Federations and other GP Providers) to ensure a unified, consistent and transparent representation with robust communication links to the GP body.

The governance links between the top table at ICP level and neighbourhood representation and governance is “work in progress.”

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9951GP Network Guidance - A Step by Step Guide to Setting Up 25 May 2015
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9950GPC guidance on the common legal structures for GP networks
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