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Practice Manager Development Programme

The LMC has been commissioned by NHS England to deliver the Practice Manager Development Programme that was promised in the ‘five year forward view’ document. This is an exciting programme and we are keen to engage with Practice Managers.

There are 3 components to the programme:

1. Network of peer Support

The aim is to organise these on local delivery plan footprints to encourage identity with the emerging primary care networks and integrated care partnerships. The content of these events will be supportive and as the confidence grows this could lead on to the development agenda where appropriate.

We do appreciate that some areas may be further ahead with development than others and we hope this protected time will support the Practice Managers to deliver the agenda in their areas.

2. Formative Peer Review and Professional Development Planning

  • This will be an opportunity for Practice Managers to explore their career to date, their aspirations, learning needs and what opportunities there are to fulfil their potential.
  • Alternative career paths
  • Opportunities for learning – matching the need to the offers available

We are conscious of the need to link this programme with other developmental opportunities.

Practice Managers have been invited to support us with the peer review process and use their skills as peer reviewers after completing a 1 day training session.

3. Coaching and Mentoring

We believe this component follows on from the Formative Peer Review and Professional Development Planning and will be developed by our existing Human Resources Specialists who are already trained in coaching and mentoring. The peer reviewers will also attend a 1 day coaching and mentoring training session

We need to utilise this opportunity to help us deliver the future NHS. Practice Managers are a vital resource in the NHS, playing a key role in maintaining a quality service and in redesigning care for the future and this needs to be recognised in ongoing development and formal training that has not been offered in the past. So this is our opportunity to work together to put in place what is needed. This will promote sharing of good ideas, action learning and peer support.

Aspiring Practice Manager Groups (for assistant, deputies and leads)

The peer reviews have identified the need to set up groups to support other leaders in practices and we are currently delivering Aspiring Practice Manager monthly meetings in Preston and the Fylde Coast and initiating one in the Pennine area.

These leaders have found the meetings very supportive and informative. The group currently meets on a face to face basis and they decide the agenda items, meeting venue, dates and times and then Sally Pern, our Primary Care Leadership Development Manager, co-ordinates and delivers the sessions in addition to the coaching and mentoring she provides to them.

Practice Manager and roles changes

We are supporting and mentoring changes in practices when the practice manager leaves and a new person or a member of staff in the practice take on this role.

Please see the presentation used for the roadshows exploring the role of Practice Managers in PCNs and the digital revolution.


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