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As part of the GP Forward View, NHSE have announced a widespread programme of support to maintain the viability of practices through the current workforce and workload crisis and the LMC are well placed to provide a significant element of this support.  As practices will know, we already have a good level of experience in supporting practices through CQC inspection; we provide a high level HR service and have in recent years introduced a training function for practices.

We already have a good model of professional associates who work under the banner of the LMC and provide specialist support and advice to practices and have recently engaged a wider pool of colleagues with a view to expanding our support package to General Practice, as it faces the toughest challenge yet.  Our team benefits from years of experience and qualifications in a number of areas including project management, CQC, change management, appraisal, training, leadership development, accountancy, HR and much more.

Our aim is to work with practices to support them in becoming more resilient and to future-proof General Practice. 


  • Comprehensive review of the Practice and how it works – root cause analysis
  • Use proven systems and protocols to identify issues
  • Review services against specifications & consider recommendations / action plans

Workforce Analysis

  • Look at the skill mix
  • Identify training needs
  • Find opportunities for efficiencies & saving GP time 

Demand Management

  • Analysis of the appointments system
  • Review practice clinical pathways to streamline patient care
  • Use of specific tools & audits to consider demand / manage change

Rapid intervention

  • Cover for unforeseen vacancies
  • Provide critical cover / support in times of crisis
  • Management and clinical cover 

Training (supported by LMC Training function)

  • Undertake needs analysis
  • Identify individual and whole-team training requirements
  • Development & implementation of robust training plans

Mentoring (supported by LMC GP Support scheme)

  • Access to peer support
  • Coaching through issues

Organisational Development (supported by LMC HR Function)

  • Review practice structure
  • Development of teams to be cohesive & well-functioning

Financial Management

  • Forensic analysis of accounts
  • Identify cost savings & income opportunities
  • Ensure cash flow is optimised & all income captured and justifies effort

System Redesign

  • Triage & managing patient demand
  • Streamlining processes to benefit team efficiency & patient experience

Business Continuity

  • Identify clear vision for practice future sustainability
  • Consider risks, opportunities & sense of direction 

Premises Support

  • Review of premises arrangements
  • Consideration of ownership and lease issues

Risk Management

  • Perform risk analysis
  • Review clinical governance to optimise care and minimise risk

CQC Issues

  • MOT prior to inspection to test practice readiness
  • Review of policies and procedures to ensure CQC regulations are met
  • Support to create actions plans where CQC inspection has identified need for improvement

Business Planning

  • Consideration of succession plans
  • Develop leadership strategies
  • Develop plans for future working, including collaboration, federation & mergers

Change Management (supported by LMC HR Function)

  • Managing Change in the Practice
  • Support for staff members through change process
  • Use of specific tools & audits to consider demand / manage change

New Ways of Working

  • Mergers
  • Federation development & support
  • Collaborative working e.g. shared staff
  • MCP, ICC, PACs etc.

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