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BCG transition to licensed vaccine

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BCG transition to licensed vaccine

Please find attached a copy of the BCG letter, recently published on website. This letter is to advise that AJ Vaccines has resumed supply of the sole UK-licensed BCG vaccine to Public Health England’s central stockholding.

From June 2016, an alternative BCG vaccine from InterVax Ltd was supplied to enable the continuation of the programme. Alongside this PHE issued guidance and training materials to healthcare professionals on the administration of the vaccine, and information for parents and carers.

It is anticipated that PHE will be in a position to re-open ordering for the UK-licensed AJ Vaccines product in late July or August 2018. In the meantime, PHE will continue to make available InterVax BCG vaccine for ordering through the ImmForm website.

PHE anticipates having sufficient BCG vaccine for all eligible groups. Further information for healthcare workers on the use of the licenced vaccine will be available on the GOV.UK website.

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