The reforms to the Data Protection and Digital Information bill were meant to be released on Monday however the Government has withdrawn the bill and no new date has yet been set for the second reading of the bill to take place. Therefore, the content DR Solicitors were going to present is now irrelevant. The plan is to deliver a Date Protect Webinar instead.

Please find below details, the date and time will remain the same – Thursday 6th October 6:30pm – 7:30pm.  

Data Protection Webinar

The presentation will cover the following:

 A brief word on the NHS Digital Data Extraction

  1. Subject Access Requests:
    1. When can you decline to do it?
    2. When can you charge?
    3. Do you have to give everything?
    4. Managing ‘entwined data’ (i.e. contains third party information)
    5. What are the common pitfalls which land practices in trouble?
  1. Freedom of Information Requests from the media:
    1. What constitutes a valid FOI request?
    2. When is a GP practice is a public authority for FOIA purposes?
    3. What do we have to give and do?



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