08.50-09:05 Registration and enter ‘Waiting Room’ of Microsoft Teams

09:15-10:30 Contraceptive Choices (as Learning Agenda below) - Session 1

10:45-11:00 Your written questions answered (live)

11:00-11:30 Comfort Break

11:30-12:45 Contraception Choices - Session 2

12:45-13:15 Prof answers more questions

The following subjects will be covered, during the presentation as time permits, otherwise by the supplementary Manual provided

Brief Recap: of some crucial content from Part 1, followed by:

Discussion of contraceptive choices:

1 when Quick-starting and Bridging, which are new prescribing norms

2 when there is no reliable LMP - the Proving Not Pregnant Protocol

3 at and after emergency contraception (Cu or hormonal)

4 for teenagers and 20s

5 after recent pregnancy of any gestation

6 during concurrent diseases, generally

7 during various ‘dis-eases’ including

- problematic bleeding: the “D Check-list”

- bleeding that is contraceptive method-induced

- other menstrual disorders, including pain and PMS

8 with low and high body mass

9 in seborrhoea and acne

10 in migraine with aura

11 when there are potential drug interactions (by enzyme induction and more)

12 relating to pre- or peri-conception.

13 for women over 40 and peri-menopausally

14 when permanence is desired - male and female sterilization.

Summary: messages from this session which may change your practice (or not, if you were already up to speed!)

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