Your “Must Do” in October 2022

THURSDAY 6th OCTOBER 2022: 09.30am – 11.30am

This is a "must attend” event for all NHS Pension Scheme Administrators.

Getting to grips with the October changes presents a number of challenges for Employers. The outsourcing of the payroll and/or the pension function does not discharge these obligations.

ISM  has in excess of forty years of administering the NHS Pension Scheme(s) and we are the leading provider of NHS Pension Scheme Training.

All employees who are eligible for the NHS Pension Scheme reside within the scope of the changes. Employees include “Bank/As & When Required/Zero Hours Contract Workers.

There are presently three planned phased changes.

The first phase, including initial changes to the Contribution Tiers and Scheme Member Contribution Rates must be implemented in October 2022.

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