Please note that this workshop is not for GP's who are NHS Pension Scheme Members.

The workshop is appropriate for GP Practices and NHS Employers including Outsourced Providers

Getting to know your NHS Pension and understanding the options available to you whilst you are saving for your retirement are critical factors within the decision making process.

The journey from Scheme Member to Retiree is a personal one (a "once in a lifetime" journey) and completing your journey to retirement can be extremely challenging if you do not plan and prepare.

Our Pre-Retirement Workshop is a "must attend" event as we enable Scheme Members to explore and enhance their existing levels of understanding therefore ensuring that you make an "informed choice" about your Retirement Benefits that will be in payment for life!

Below are quotes from two Scheme Members that ISM has supported during their personal journey into retirement:

NW , Chief Executive said:

"I had a number of considerations that I needed to resolve. I also realised that after 38 years in the NHS this was the first time that I was going to face this challenge"

"Ian has much experience of the NHS Pensions scheme and helped me totally understands the issues faced when considering retirement and most importantly is very human in his approach"

"I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian and his company ISM to support your organisational or personal needs around NHS Pensions. His advice and support is both timely and reliable and avoids the minefields that are Pensions Regulations"

JHD , General Manager said:

"Having worked with Payroll for more than forty years, and the NHS Pension since 1990, I considered myself quite well versed in the eccentricities of the pension scheme"

"Fortunately, I have a long association with ISM Payroll, who have historically provided NHS Pension Training to the managers in my area. I feel very fortunate that my prior relationship with ISM allowed me to seek their expert advice and assistance"

"However, it has also rung alarm bells about how other practices prepare their staff retirement paperwork, especially where they are relying on third-parties to process their payroll"

"I have no hesitation in recommending ISM and Ian McNicholl in particular, to provide comprehensive NHS Pension Training and expert guidance and support on all aspects of the pension scheme"

Our extensive experience (we have more than four decades of administering all aspects of the Scheme!) tells us that planning and preparation are crucial ingredients of your personal journey.

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