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GP appointments data audit update

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GP appointments data audit update

NHS England has commissioned a repeat survey of each GP surgery in England in order to better understand waiting times in General Practice, this will be repeated every 6 months. The last survey was carried out in October 2017.

The survey will run through March, and will involve every practice in England receiving a telephone call. NHS England has advised the call will last no longer than three to four minutes, and will ask when the third next available routine appointment is.

Our advice is as follows:

  • The staff member providing the data should tell the caller when the third next available routine appointment with a doctor is
  • Appointments which can be booked into a locality hub are valid for the purposes of this survey, and the third next available routine appointment should be given
  • If no such routine appointment exists due to the design of your appointment system (eg: Total Triage, On-The-Day, Nurse Triage etc) then inform the caller you are unable to answer the question, and explain the reason for this

Compliance with this survey is voluntary and practices should only participate if they are willing and able to do so.



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