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GP Contract Uplift and implications for practice staff

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GP Contract Uplift and implications for practice staff

There has been an announcement from the secretary of state in regards to the annual GP pay uplift following recent DDRB recommendations:

General Medical Practitioners

I intend to ask NHS England to take a multi-year approach to the GP contract negotiations with investment in primary care linked to improvements in primary care services.

From 1 April 2018 (backdated)

  • Add a further 1% to the value of the GP remuneration and practice staff expenses through the GP contract, supplementing the 1% already paid from April 2018 and making a 2% uplift in all. This will enable practices to increase the pay of practice staff.

From 1 October 2018

  • The recommended minimum and maximum pay scales for salaried GPs will be uplifted by 2%
  • the GP trainer grant and GP appraiser fees will be increased by 3% and we will apply the same approach to clinical educators’ pay; GP and Dental educators.

From 1 April 2019

  • the potential for up to an additional 1%, on top of the 2% already paid to be added to the baseline, to be paid from 2019/20 conditional on contract reform, through a multi-year agreement from 2019/20. This would be in addition to the funding envelope for the contract negotiation for 2019/20 onwards. This would be reflected in respect of GP remuneration, practice staff expenses and the recommended minimum and maximum pay scales for salaried GPs.

What this means for GPs and general practice

General practice will receive an additional £61.5m into global sum, for the extra 1% for GP and staff pay. You will remember in the previous letter we recommended practices pass on the 1% secured through negotiations and so this extra 1% should now be passed on to staff, backdated to 1 April 2018.

The effect of this uplift is to increase the overall uplift from £256m to £317m, therefore adding an additional £1.04 to global sum, bringing global sum up to £88.96.

While this is more than secured in previous years (£238m for 2017/18 and £220m for 2016/17) this is still significantly short of the DDRB recommendations.

The above uplifts do not account for the 3% uplift to the trainers grant and appraisers fees (from October 2018). It also does not account for the additional 1% promised from 1 April 2019 contingent on reaching agreement in the next round of negotiations.


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