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Maternity Reimbursement

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Maternity Reimbursement

The 2015/16 GMC contract published by NHS England contained an error relating to parental leave allowance when it was published in March 2015. It stated that parental leave entitlement was 20 weeks, when the entitlement was 26 weeks. 
This error was identified in December 2015 and circulated to NHS area teams.

NHS England have agreed to pay for up to 26 weeks if the Dr on parental leave took the leave at the time (notwithstanding that the contract stated a 20 week allowance).

We are aware that some Drs have taken 20 weeks as per the incorrect contract and GPC have been pursuing this matter with NHS England to ensure that no doctor loses out on leave due to an error in NHSE’s initial publication of the 2015/16 GMS contract. NHSE have now agreed that people who missed out on the full 26 weeks parental leave allowance due to the error in their guidance, should be able to retrospectively take the leave, providing it occurred during the 10 month window where their guidance was incorrect.

If you are have been affected by this, please contact the LMC Office and we will work with the GPC to pass your information to NHSE.


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