General Practice is stressful and at times we may need all the support and help. The LMC have GP mentors who provide confidential support for local GP’s.

The GP Support Scheme is a free confidential independent counselling service offered to all GPs in Lancashire & Cumbria. It provides pastoral support to all GPs who are experiencing problems such as stress, career or partnership issues, addiction, or general unhappiness/burn-out. It is also open to GPs and first 5 GPs who want general career advice. Mentoring is given by GPs in Lancashire & Cumbria on a confidential 1:1 basis. Mentees are offered a Mentor, usually from outside of their immediate practice area, and mentoring, as we see it, offers an opportunity to meet with an experienced colleague to find a way out of difficulties or at least clarify a particular issue. 

GPs needing support, or their colleagues, can contact Mariah Mulberry at the LMC Office on 01772 863806 or alternatively fill in the ‘Phone-a-Friend’ enquiry form below. The details will only be seen by Mariah and a mentor will be in touch with you. You may have a quick question to ask or you may want to have a chat with someone who knows how you are feeling. Please do not hesitate to contact us as we are here to help.

Phone a Friend