Formative Peer Review and Professional Development Planning

  • This will be an opportunity for Practice Managers to explore their career to date, their aspirations, learning needs and what opportunities there are to fulfil their potential.
  • Alternative career paths
  • Opportunities for learning – matching the need to the offers available

We are conscious of the need to link this programme with other developmental opportunities.
Experienced Practice Managers have been invited to support us with the peer review process and use their skills as peer reviewers after completing a 2-day training session and Refresher sessions. The Review takes approximately and hour to an hour and a half and is carried out away from your workplace to ensure privacy and avoid interruptions. Together with your Peer Reviewer you will drawer up a Professional Development Plan which can be reviewed 6 months following your Review.

The Peer Reviews are offered to all Practice Managers and to Assistant and Deputy Managers, free of charge.

To find out more or to book a Review contact

My name is Alison Redshaw and I am a managing Partner at Norwood medical Centre in Barrow in Furness, Cumbria. We are a large practice with a list size of just over 11,000. I have been a Practice manager for 10 years and moved to Norwood in September 2018 I have always worked in the Heath sector, trained as a Nurse in 1997 and worked as a Registered nurse and then a Nurse manager in elderly care and complex care within Care homes and then made the leap into Primary care. I have worked with the LMC as an Associate and Peer Reviewer for a few years and been fortunate to work on several projects including Partnership remodeling and supporting a practice through major change. I have experience of partnership changes and working in an integrated system with Trusts and other stakeholders and dealt with a great deal of change management throughout the years. Practice Management has always been challenging but the current climate we find ourselves in has meant we need to support and work together even more, if I can help and support through a peer review or through coaching and mentoring please get in touch.

Meeting Alison, one of our Peer Reviewer;