Below are some links which relate to how much a GP can charge a patient/organisation for particular work such as travel vaccinations and sickness certificates. With regards to a straightforward certificate of fact, a GP can charge £18 however there are numerous other certificates which a GP may be asked to create, and a higher price can be charged.

The BMA recommends that GPs tell patients in advance if they will be charged, and what the fee will be. It is up to the individual GP to decide how much they will charge but the BMA has produced lists of suggested fees which many GPs use.

Doctors may be asked to provide information regarding a patient’s application for civil legal aid following recent changes to the Legal Aid system.

These changes mean that legal aid is now only available for family matters where an individual can prove they are a victim of domestic violence. One way in which to do this is through the provision of medical evidence. This work is outside of their NHS contract which means a fee can be charged. Doctors are advised to explain to the claimant the reasons for the fee and agree the amount in advance of doing the work.


Fees for non-NHS reports: guide for GPs 

Why does my doctor charge fees?