The Partnership Agreement Drafting Service will resume shortly.

Having an up to date partnership agreement in place protects you as an individual and your practice, identifying responsibilities and obligations of partners at a practice. It is a vitally important document which should be agreed in advance with any incoming partner.     

We have helped practices in the past to encompass what they would like within an agreement and we have drafted precise documents accordingly.  However, we have now partnered up with a specialist law firm so our service will now be led by a legally qualified team who specialise in partnership and contract law, ensuring legal accuracy. 

There are many events that may trigger the need for you to change a clause such as when a new partner joins or when a partner leaves and/or if there is a change to the premise’s ownership. You can also mitigate the possibility and the impact of the ‘last man standing’ situation by adding clauses into a partnership agreement which perhaps prohibits the number of partners that can retire within the same time period.    

Having an agreement is more important than ever and with that being said, if you are interested in getting one of our bespoke agreements drafted then please contact Abigail Askew or call 01772 863806.