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Appraisal and revalidation requirements can be more difficult for sessional GP’s and changes have been made to help address this. It is important to make sure you, and your appraiser, are clear on what is needed. You may find the following resources helpful: 

BMA Appraisal Tips for Sessional GPs

RCGP Guide to supporting information for appraisal and revalidation

Revalidation for Locums

The following document has been created by Wessex Local Medical Committee and contains a range of practical suggestions that GP locums can use to add to their existing evidence for appraisal. It has been written by GP locums for GP locums. The key message is that revalidation does not have to be difficult. However, if in doubt ask your Appraiser and your LMC will be happy to help.

Revalidation for GP Locums – A Practical Guide - Special thanks to Wessex LMC for producing the document.

Support for education, appraisal and revalidation 

As a GP you remain responsible for ensuring you carry out appropriate CPD to meet requirements for appraisal and revalidation. The LMC organise bi -monthly meetings for Sessional GPs which includes CPD. There is a lot of discussion on appraisal and revalidation during these meetings as the Chair of the forum, Dr Sigrun Baier, is an appraiser. Dr Baier also leads on a Significant Events Analysis (SEA) workshop once a year - See the presentation she used for 2019. For more information on our Sessional meetings please visit our getting involved page. 

For information on Significant Events/ SEA see the National Association of Sessional GPs. 

See a generic Template for SEA here.