This page covers information around practices who own their premises, are in leasehold buildings or those who are CHP/NHSPS tenants.

Premises Costs Directions

The Premises Costs Directions govern areas such as all rental reimbursements of premises and improvement grant application policies. There are due to be new updated PCDs published imminently but for the time being, the 2013 directions remain in place. You can find the 2013 directions here.

Having said that, we understand that there could be up to 100% capital grants which become available for practice premises improvements and we have also heard that there could be a widening of the discretion to fund Stamp Duty Land Tax when a new lease is required. As soon as the new PCDs are published we will add these to this page and these will be included in our weekly brieflet. You can access our brieflets here:

NHS Property Services

NHS Property Services is a limited company whereby the Secretary of State for Health is the only shareholder. It was established to own and manage most of the remainder of the ex-PCT estate and is now the landlord to most GPs in occupation of old PCT buildings. Most GPs in occupation of properties owned by NHSPS do not have formal leases in place. The BMA have challenged the legality of NHSPS increasing service charges on leases without due negotiation and this is currently subject to legal proceedings however these have been put on hold. Due to this, we are following BMA advice and the current LMC advice is not to sign a lease with NHSPS unless you are satisfied with the terms of the lease and are in no doubt that the practice will remain financially viable. Once the court case is finished, NHSPS will ultimately wish to grant formal leases to every GP and we will help GPs to protect their own legal position in every way we can and find the balance between both parties within negotiations.

Community Health Partnerships Limited

Community Health Partnerships (CHP) is a limited company, but the Secretary of State is the only shareholder, just like NHSPS operates. CHP has existed in this form since 2007 but prior to that date it was known as Partnerships for Health Limited. On 1st April 2013, CHP acquired all of the former PCT head tenancies in NHS LIFT premises. Overnight, CHP became the landlord to all GPs in occupation of the NHS LIFT buildings. CHP does not commission healthcare services and does not provide reimbursement of GP premises costs.  If you are seeking advice or support in relation to GP premises issues, please contact Ross McDuff or phone 01772 863806.

Energy Certificates

You can find more information on our energy certificates here: