GPs must be on the National Performers List to work in England.  Managing entry to performers lists is a responsibility of NHS England and GPs have obligations to notify them of any material changes subsequent to their application to join, from their contact details to notice of being subject of investigation by a regulatory body. 

Primary Care Support England (PCSE) have a role in administering entry and status changes on behalf of NHSE.  If a GP changes from working as locum to a GP partner or salaried colleague (or vice versa), there are processes to follow to keep records their records up to date. 

For the vast majority of GPs their Responsible Officer for Revalidation is the Medical Director of NHSE for the area in which they practice, so If a GP moves to work in a different area it is key they inform NHSE of their change in circumstance.

It is easy to check if a GP is on the National Performers List (for pre-employment checks, for example) online: National Performers List

A GP can be suspended from the performers list, for example, as a neutral act whilst an investigation or other proceeding takes place. For more guidance on this, please see this page or contact us for support.