GPs and practices are under exceptional pressure. GPs are being overwhelmed by rising workload, particularly from a growing patient need. At the same time there is an emerging workforce crisis with shortages of GPs leaving many practices unable to recruit doctors and evidence that some experienced GPs are considering leaving general practice altogether. 

It is unsustainable, unsafe and unfair for GPs to be working excessive hours at the expense of their own health. Given the changes to workforce may take years to be realised, workload must be addressed urgently. General Practice is stressful and at times we may all need support and help. The LMC are working alongside the NHS Practitioner Health service that has trained mentors who provide confidential support for local GPs. For more information on the GP support & development service click here.

Please see the BMA - Safe working in general practice where they have generated a guide to enable practices to prioritise safe patient care, within the present bounds of the GMS contract.

The BMA has also proposed a workload control strategy to address the factors involved. 

LMC Templates for managing inappropriate workload

Advice for Schools

Requests for medical evidence to support pupil's authorised absence due to illness:  

Requests for letters to support special consideration for examinations:

Over the Counter (OTC) Medicines for Children:

Toilet pass letter

Secondary Care

Private Work Templates

Other templates & guidance you may find useful

BMA templates for pushing back on inappropriate workload

The BMA have created letter templates to help practices push back on inappropriate workload from ICBs, prescribers, hospitals and your area team. The letter templates include:

  • Secondary care work transfer
  • Inappropriate prescribing requests
  • Requests to follow up investigations performed in other settings
  • Requests for post-operative checks
  • Letter to hospital provider regarding discharge of patients after missed appointment
  • Letter to local ICB regarding discharge of patients after missed appointment
  • Letter to IBC regarding inappropriate workload transfer
  • Letter for request to complete non-contractual administrative task
  • Requests for work absence sick notes for less than seven days
  • Letter to area team regarding delay to information request or payment
  • Letter to hospital provider regarding follow up of diagnostic test results following a patient's discharge from hospital
  • Letter to ICB in response to requests to follow up investigations performed in other settings.

Vaccination and Immunisations

Please see the BMA website for guidance on the national arrangements for providing vaccines and immunisations. You will also find GP contract related changes to vaccinations and immunisation programmes, changes to existing vaccination programmes and continuing vaccination programmes. You may also find the following link on travel vaccinations useful.